Frequently asked questions

Do you have questions about using wasamar? this is where you find answers.

What is Wasamar? »

Wasamar is a service that connects customers to tailors through their styles posted on our catalogue ( Wasamar Catalogue ) customers can choose to download or make/sew this style with the tailor who uploaded the style, Tailors ( Tailors Section ) can use this service as a tool to create their collection of styles and add them to wasamar catalogue to make new customers for their tailoring business.

Why Wasamar? I have my tailor already. »

Wasamar is a platform to try new hands based on the styles these tailors had made for their previous customers at an affordable rate and high quality delivered to you. It serves as your digital catalogue/wardrobe that helps you when browsing for new traditional attires to make either with your existing tailor or a new tailor.

Is it free? »

Yes this service is free, but in later years our business model may change and may require us charging you, but you will be notified if that happens, one thing is sure there will always be a free section of this service.

How does it work? »

It is simple just click this link How it works

How can i register? »

It is simple just click this link Register

How can i login? »

It is simple just click this link Login

I forgot my password? »

It is easy to recover your password just click this link Forgot password

Can i download/make styles without having an account? »

No, you need to be a member to have access to these service Just Register

(TAILOR) Is there a section for tailors/fashion designers? »

Yes, you can create your collection of styles you have made/sew for your previous customers just add them here Tailor Section

(TAILOR) Am i getting paid by wasamar? »

No, once you upload your styles to wasamar catalogue and we verify the style posted, it will showcase itself with other tailors styles, the customer then chooses which style to make based the quality of your work. BE ORIGINAL, BE CREATIVE that is our advice.